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Stop Smoking

Discover How You can Finally Break that Habit and Stop Smoking

How many times have you tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking, only to start again? It’s a pattern than many smokers repeat over and over again. Anyone who smokes will say that the problem is not only due to the nicotine addiction. The desire to smoke is often connected to stress, social situations, your relationship, boredom, the work environment, and of course simply the habit of having a cigarette.

According to Health Canada:

  • Smoking is responsible for more deaths than obesity, physical activity or high blood pressure.
  • Each day, over 100 Canadians die of a smoking-related illness.
  • Smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke are responsible for hundreds of infant deaths each year from three conditions: sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), low birth weight and short gestation.

Smoking cigarettes simply puts your life and the lives of others around you at risk.

“I was a smoker for 25 years and although I knew I needed, and wanted to quit, I was really struggling to do so despite trying a variety of different methods. It has now been just over 2 years since I quit smoking with the help of Greater Toronto Hypnosis Centre. I know that I will never smoke a cigarette again, and it feels fabulous!*”
-Tara Kimberley
Air Distribution

Through hypnosis, you can discover how you can NATURALLY stop smoking. No patches, pills, gum, or vapes. Call now for your FREE screening to know if this is right for you: 647-210-8842


“I smoked 1/2 to 1 pack of cigarettes per day for approximately 40 years. I have now been smoke-free for the past 1.5 years. Since then, I’ve felt much healthier. I don’t have to think of smoking or buying cigarettes anymore. They no longer rule my life. On top of the physical benefits, I am saving a lot of money!*”
Glenn Light
Medical Radiation Technologist

In just 1 year after quitting smoking, you reduce your risk of heart disease by ½, you look and feel better, your energy and immunity improve, and (as an example) a pack-a-day smoker could save over $6000!

Stop Smoking Myths:

  • I will probably eat more and gain weight if I was to quit smoking.
    What if instead you simply didn’t eat more to replace the smoking of cigarettes?
  • It’s difficult to quit smoking.
    It’s actually very easy if you are sincere about your desire, and remain calm and relaxed about the process.
  • I’m afraid that I will have cravings.
    You might, but if you don’t give in, then the cravings will disappear.

No more excuses and drama! You know that you are sick of the habit, and if you are ready to finally stop smoking, then hypnosis can help you!

You Know that It’s Time To Quit!

Thousands of people have used hypnosis to support their decision to stop smoking, and you can too.

Remember when you smoked your very first cigarette? You’ll recall that you coughed and you probably choked on the smoke. The truth is that for most people, it takes many times of lying to themselves, while suffering through the cigarette to be able to finally take the smell, hassle and physical discomfort of smoking.

To quit, you are simply going to use the similar type of process that you used to start smoking, but instead do so in a more positive way, and use repetition and fixation to actually remind yourself of the ugly truth.

That truth is that you were born without an urge to smoke. Rather, you had to essentially hypnotize yourself into smoking, by doing so when you were stressed, or nervous, or angry, or bored. After a while, it just seemed like the smoking was how you escaped from those undesired states of mind, and you used it as an excuse and even a distraction.

What if you instead used hypnosis to train yourself in other ways to deal with those undesired states of mind? The answer is that if you did that, then you wouldn’t need to use cigarettes to escape and change your mind in the first place.

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Hypnosis Will Support Your Decision To Stop Your Smoking

Why should you suffer when you can easily get the help that you need?

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