Endorsements produced by Greater Toronto Hypnosis Centre clients.
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Stop Smoking

Joe F., C.P.A.
The urge to smoke after my first hypnosis session disappeared; the cravings were gone. I did not replace smoking with eating. I actually feel I have more energy to do more exercising and other activities.*
Wendy R., Accounting
I am now over 1 month without smoking, and had been a smoker for 38 years…I am confident I will remain a non-smoker and would refer Greater Toronto Hypnosis to anyone who wants to quit smoking without a lot of withdrawal symptoms.*
Alfonso R., Coordinator
After more than 37 years smoking and various attempts to quit (cold turkey, gum, patches, acupuncture) I have to say I am surprised how easy it was to quit with hypnosis. After the first session I stopped, and never felt the strong need to smoke again. *
Cheryl C., Planner
Quitting smoking through hypnosis was much easier and rewarding than I originally expected. Jason was wonderful at explaining the rewards, which helped keep me focused on my goal. My energy level has increased dramatically, and I feel better about myself. I’m in control and responsible for my life and decisions I make. Thank you Jason! I’m going to miss your wisdom!*
Josie M., Customer Service
After having this treatment I no longer cave into the cravings of wanting or needing a cigarette. In fact I can barely handle the smell anymore…I feel I have more energy and can smell the air and taste food differently than I did before.*
James S., Civil Engineer
I have found that hypnosis has been relaxing and enjoyable, but above all has made these first weeks of stopping smoking much easier than other methods.*

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Weight Loss

Mary V.
When I started I didn’t feel good about myself. I thought this was going to be another gimmick. But when I started to feel different about myself–like happier, energetic, the way I was eating, and started walking more–I knew this was it. I am seeing the difference when I put on my jeans or skirts; I am losing the weight.*
Elaine A., R.N.
I started the weight loss program almost a year ago. It has done wonders for me, for my sense of self and peace…I walk more, feel stronger, and healthier than a year ago…On top of helping my weight loss, I am much calmer, less anxious, and my energy level increased ten-fold. I would recommend this program to anybody.*
Shraga B., Woodturner
None of the other weight loss programs (and I’ve tried most of them) helped me make these changes. This program has helped.*
Mary S., Teacher
My experience with hypnosis has been a positive one. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but I was truly surprised by the small changes I noticed every week. I no longer had cravings for sweets and exercising did not seem like a chore. I would taste something sweet and be turned off by it…Jason was very reassuring, understanding and patient. I now have the tools and strategies to make my weight loss a success.*
Cheryl S., Retail
Since coming here 8 weeks ago, I have gone down one size in jeans and my self confidence has gone up. I work in a bakery and the food there isn’t as tempting as it used to be. I now ‘only’ eat 3 times a day instead of probably 5 or 6. It was a good decision to come here.*
Yvonne M., Customer Service
I feel great! It’s only been 4 weeks, and I have noticed a change in my food intake (for the better). I walk more and longer and sleep all night. Family notice my face getting slimmer!*

*results may very

Stress Management

Lisa N., RMT
I came to Jason for help with my anxiety, stress and control-freak issues. Week after week I felt improvements becoming more self-aware and learning it’s okay to let go. I now wake up relaxed and well-rested. I don’t have fights anymore. I am comfortable in my own skin and for the first time in my life I am at peace. I can’t thank Jason enough for the joy and growth I have received due to his help.*
Saba S., HR
I was a bit skeptical about idea of hypnosis as I had not had any experience/exposure to it. Two years ago I had a major episode along with a case of major stress.  I have been receiving treatment for this, but I was still lacking in motivation and self-confidence.  After the 1st hypnosis session I felt extremely relaxed and started to notice slight changes in my mood.  After the 4th session I must say that I feel very good about myself and have a different view of what I want for myself!*
James S., Broker
Jason was extremely compassionate, thoughtful, and calming when we met.  He allayed any fears or reservations about the session we were about to undertake together, putting my mind at ease.  My experience within the session itself was wonderful…Jason’s soothing nature and tone helped keep me in this relaxed state of twilight consciousness, which allowed my body to begin the healing process…Several sessions later, I am completely symptom free of my previous worries and stress. I feel that Jason has helped tremendously with teaching my mind and body to relax and let go of mental and physical strains that I was allowing to weigh me down.  I highly recommend Jason for those looking to make positive changes in their life.  You will be in good hands.*

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Satesh S., Student & Entrepreneur
I’ve also developed a new sense of self-confidence which has lead me to make changes in my current habits to begin to form new ones that contribute to a successful approach to life. I have finally started the company that I wanted to for years, and will have it getting off the ground soon…Jason’s program has supplemented my growth and I recommend it to anyone looking for help.*
Kate L., RMT
What I experienced in the 4 sessions I had was so much more than I expected. I learned that it is okay to let go and enjoy life, that I don’t need to be in control of things that don’t matter, and that I don’t need to be fearful…simply because my sessions taught me confidence and being comfortable—that alone has been life changing! Thank you Jason for giving me the tools I need to improve my life!*
Christy B., Actress
I was interested in trying out hypnosis as a way to help shift some of my long-standing thought patterns.  I found Jason’s sessions both professional and helpful. We focused on building up my self-confidence, especially when it comes to auditions.  After the sessions, I definitely felt more confident and inspired. I am able to take a couple minutes now and get myself to that relaxed place and truly feel that it has helped to alleviate some of my self-doubt.*

*results may very


Shelly H., College Advisor/Officer
With the help of Jason I was able to get up in front of 72 people and speak about my mother who turned 70. Jason’s techniques helped me relax and realize there was nothing to be afraid of…Because of him my mother received a heartwarming, clear sweet speech.*

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Endorsements produced by Greater Toronto Hypnosis Centre clients.