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Endorsements produced by Greater Toronto Hypnosis Centre clients. The shown testimonials are just the experience of the individual client in the testimonial. Results may vary.

Stop Smoking

The urge to smoke after my first hypnosis session disappeared; the cravings were gone. I did not replace smoking with eating. I actually feel I have more energy to do more exercising and other activities.*

Joe F., C.P.A

The urge to smoke after my first hypnosis session disappeared; the cravings were gone. I did not replace smoking with eating. I actually feel I have more energy to do more exercising and other activities.*

Wendy R., Accounting

After more than 37 years smoking and various attempts to quit (cold turkey, gum, patches, acupuncture) I have to say I am surprised how easy it was to quit with hypnosis. After the first session I stopped, and never felt the strong need to smoke again.*

Alfonso R., Coordinator

Quitting smoking through hypnosis was much easier and rewarding than I originally expected. Jason was wonderful at explaining the rewards, which helped keep me focused on my goal. My energy level has increased dramatically, and I feel better about myself. I’m in control and responsible for my life and decisions I make. Thank you Jason! I’m going to miss your wisdom!*

Cheryl C., Planner

After having this treatment I no longer cave into the cravings of wanting or needing a cigarette. In fact I can barely handle the smell anymore…I feel I have more energy and can smell the air and taste food differently than I did before.*

Josie M., Customer Service

I have found that hypnosis has been relaxing and enjoyable, but above all has made these first weeks of stopping smoking much easier than other methods.*

James S., Civil Engineer

Weight Loss

I have struggled with weight issues since I was a child and have spent thousands, and tried almost every diet out there with short term but never long-term success. Even seeing a personal trainer twice a week for the last 4 years my weight stayed the same due to my eating issues. I’ve been working with Jason for the last year and it’s been life changing. I’ve lost almost 70 pounds all without actually dieting. I’d read all these positive reviews and was afraid I’d end up failing like I had with all my other previous weight loss attempts. I’m so glad I made that call. All I can say is don’t let fear keep you from living your best life!*

Daniel S., Engineer

The result is fabulous. In less than 5 months I dropped 22 pounds, dropped 2 sizes in my pants, and feel great. For me it is not only the weight loss, I changed my behavior around food…The validation of this process is coming quite often from people who didn’t see me for a while and they ask me what I did lately that I look so good.*

R.P., Realtor

These are life long lessons I have learned. Most programs work for a few weeks/months but then you settle back into your old ways/habits. With this program, you have the tools to get back on track if you go back to your old habits!*

Deborah M., Director

When I started I didn’t feel good about myself. I thought this was going to be another gimmick. But when I started to feel different about myself–like happier, energetic, the way I was eating, and started walking more–I knew this was it. I am seeing the difference when I put on my jeans or skirts; I am losing the weight.*

Mary V.

I started the weight loss program almost a year ago. It has done wonders for me, for my sense of self and peace…I walk more, feel stronger, and healthier than a year ago…On top of helping my weight loss, I am much calmer, less anxious, and my energy level increased ten-fold. I would recommend this program to anybody.*

Elaine A., R.N.

None of the other weight loss programs (and I’ve tried most of them) helped me make these changes. This program has helped.*

Shraga B., Woodturner

My experience with hypnosis has been a positive one. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but I was truly surprised by the small changes I noticed every week. I no longer had cravings for sweets and exercising did not seem like a chore. I would taste something sweet and be turned off by it…Jason was very reassuring, understanding and patient. I now have the tools and strategies to make my weight loss a success.*

Mary S., Teacher

Sexual Dysfunction

I used to ejaculate too fast and not able to maintain my erection. After my fourth session, I had sexual intercourse and was able to last longer and maintain my erection. All these changes thanks to Jason who is a very friendly and encouraging person with interpersonal skills too. Thanks to hypnosis I was able to resolve my issues.*


While I must say I was skeptical at first about the whole hypnosis thing, I wanted to do anything I can to be a better husband and person. Jason’s sessions and his words of wisdom really helped to get over the fear I had. I now feel more confident in bed, I’m sleeping better and less stressed.*

Arun C., Engineer

Within the first week I noticed a big change. It has helped me in so many ways. I’ve been more relaxed enjoying life more and most of all I got my sex life back…It’s the best—feeling 16 again. My wife and I are having a lot of fun.*


I came to Jason in a panic as my ED had reared its ugly head again with my new girlfriend. She couldn’t understand and took it personally, only making my stress worth. I tried to explain, ultimately couldn’t admit to her that I had struggled with this most of life…Working with Jason has allowed me to consider the root cause—my brain…I feel less-embarrassed than before. My ED is gone, but could come back—that’s okay. Not always being hard is normal. I’ll continue to work on my stress levels as at the end of the day, I’m much happier.*

Anonymous, Sales

I have been able to successfully incorporate and use the techniques learned through our sessions and the homework provided. I highly recommend other men in this situation…to give it a try.*


I am no longer focused on getting an erection—instead, I find it’s there when I need it and now I am the one initiating sex and NOT avoiding it. I have a whole new level of confidence in my relationship and with that discovery, I am enjoying living in the moment and a healthier sex life thanks to the work with self-hypnosis.*


Stress Management

Beginning to learn how to fully relax in the truest sense for the first time in my life was astounding…I am no longer a slave or victim of stress. As I continue working with Jason, I know the positive changes will compound, and ripple to improve other aspects as well.*

Sean H., Development Lead

Before coming to see Jason and starting this program I was a completely different person with constant anxious thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms. Since starting hypnosis…I almost can’t remember my old thinking patterns and how I used to react to things and overthink everything…I still feel like myself but calmer and actually happy…When I first started I thought what’s the worst thing that could happen and now I know it has been the best thing for me.*

Nikole G., Marketing

The Greater Toronto Hypnosis Centre was highly recommended by a relative, and the results have been amazing! Over the past few weeks I have been able to overcome my anxiety and finally made the decision to go back to school. My sessions with Jason have honestly changed my life.*

Matthew R., Software Sales

I came to Jason for help with my anxiety, stress and control-freak issues. Week after week I felt improvements becoming more self-aware and learning it’s okay to let go. I now wake up relaxed and well-rested. I don’t have fights anymore. I am comfortable in my own skin and for the first time in my life I am at peace. I can’t thank Jason enough for the joy and growth I have received due to his help.*

Lisa N., RMT

I was a bit skeptical about idea of hypnosis as I had not had any experience/exposure to it. Two years ago I had a major episode along with a case of major stress.  I have been receiving treatment for this, but I was still lacking in motivation and self-confidence.  After the 1st hypnosis session I felt extremely relaxed and started to notice slight changes in my mood.  After the 4th session I must say that I feel very good about myself and have a different view of what I want for myself!*

Saba S., HR

Jason was extremely compassionate, thoughtful, and calming when we met. He allayed any fears or reservations about the session we were about to undertake together, putting my mind at ease. My experience within the session itself was wonderful…Jason’s soothing nature and tone helped keep me in this relaxed state of twilight consciousness, which allowed my body to begin the healing process…Several sessions later, I am completely symptom free of my previous worries and stress. I feel that Jason has helped tremendously with teaching my mind and body to relax and let go of mental and physical strains that I was allowing to weigh me down. I highly recommend Jason for those looking to make positive changes in their life.  You will be in good hands.*

James S., Broker


When I first came to hypnosis, I was a shy person scared to around groups and just even to use my voice. As someone going into the fitness industry it concerned me because it meant that I had to deal with clients one-on-one and go to a gym filled with people. Now with hypnosis it is easier and more comfortable to talk to classmates, enter the gym and even voice my own opinions which are all things I really struggled with. Being 20 it has made it easier to take chances and find my own voice and discover who I am. It has brought out a new side of confidence for me.*

Julia V., Student

Jason is a calm, understanding, yet straight forward individual. He gives it to you how you need to get the message across…I have gone from smoking week, smoking cigarettes and drinking on a regular basis to quitting smoking weed and cigarettes, and drinking a lot less. If you’re serious about making a change, come and see Jason!*

Rajinder S., Millwright

When I first began my hypnotherapy sessions I was going through a lot in my marriage and in my life. I needed more self-confidence and I wanted to feel happier. Hypnotherapy really helped calm me down and bring more awareness to my stress and I began to feel more confident, and I learned to let things go which were causing me unhappiness. I’m glad I came across Jason and I’m grateful for the help he has given me in order to lead a happier life…*


I’ve also developed a new sense of self-confidence which has lead me to make changes in my current habits to begin to form new ones that contribute to a successful approach to life. I have finally started the company that I wanted to for years, and will have it getting off the ground soon…Jason’s program has supplemented my growth and I recommend it to anyone looking for help.*

Satesh S., Student & Entrepreneur

What I experienced in the 4 sessions I had was so much more than I expected. I learned that it is okay to let go and enjoy life, that I don’t need to be in control of things that don’t matter, and that I don’t need to be fearful…simply because my sessions taught me confidence and being comfortable—that alone has been life changing! Thank you Jason for giving me the tools I need to improve my life!*

Kate L., RMT

I was interested in trying out hypnosis as a way to help shift some of my long-standing thought patterns.  I found Jason’s sessions both professional and helpful. We focused on building up my self-confidence, especially when it comes to auditions.  After the sessions, I definitely felt more confident and inspired. I am able to take a couple minutes now and get myself to that relaxed place and truly feel that it has helped to alleviate some of my self-doubt.*

Christy B., Actress

Breaking Habits

I’m 22 years old and have been dealing with skin picking my entire life…I’ve been able to take the time out of each day for myself, listening to the tapes, self-care and to relax…I really think that me coming here has been the best choice/decision. After 6 weeks I have noticed a difference in my anxiety and how I deal with it. Advice for you—if you want help, then give hypnosis a shot, you really have nothing to lose.*

Sarah S.

My dentist recommended that I look into hypnotherapy as a potential way for stress relief as I was grinding my teeth whilst sleeping…at this stage I needed some serious help as my health was starting to suffer and I was in a lot of pain…Jason has provided my mind with the tools to now deal with and face these challenges. Apart from almost no more grinding of my teeth, I have also taken control of many more aspects in my life. I would highly recommend Jason if you are looking to make serious and positive changes in your life. Thank you Jason!!!*

JJ L., I.T. Professional

Jason helped me overcome the cravings over 4 sessions and I refocused my energy into my health and fitness…The feeling of being someone who doesn’t drink alcohol anymore is one of the greatest feelings—no hangovers, no guilt and no depression or anxiety.*

Anonymous, Sales

Working with Jason through hypnosis has helped me gain success in my struggle with alcohol. My hypnosis sessions have provided me with a valuable tool…I highly recommend hypnosis to overcome any struggles one may have. Working with Jason has been such a success and pleasure.*

Anonymous, Part-time Administrator

Jason helped me immensely in dealing with the underlying stress and anxiety that maintained these habits and caused other problems in my life.*

Bri S., Speech-Language Pathologist

Pain Management

The leading issue amongst Tinnitus sufferers is stress and anxiety caused by a constant ringing (24/7) sound in the ears. Jason was able to successfully negate the psychological affect the ringing causes…Jason’s hypnosis gave me effective freedom from the constant negative attention-energy I have spent over the past 5+ years with this affliction. Simply put, the ringing is still there, however it just doesn’t matter to me anymore.*

Daniel R., Business Owner

I originally started hypnosis sessions…mainly caused by chronic digestive problems…There is now a considerable difference in the way I think about my problems; it is possible now to handle things better, including those related to my professional life.*

Rodrigo L.

I came to Jason when I read how hypnosis could easy my symptoms of IBS…Jason has helped me put daily situations in perspective and offers great analogies I can apply to my own life..I see improvement in my stomach troubles and will continue the therapy on my own.*

Jennifer M., Bank Manager


Jason helped me to find myself again…Now I have a clear vision of what I would like to achieve, and I have goals to work on. It was the right decision to start hypnosis sessions. Would recommend it to everyone. Thanks Mr. Palter for your help!!*

Assia M.

Hypnosis was an unbelievable experience…It was a very effective method that helped me cope and understand the difference between a glass half-empty and half full.*

Avi B., Self-Employed

Jason is here to help you focus on what’s really important in life:  go back to the basics, give you the tools and tasks to help you connect with the one thing you have neglected for so long: you!…he also helps you find the behaviours that block you from reaching your goals.*

Barak G., QA Inspector


I’ve always had a fear of flying…My first trip prior to my hypnosis was a disaster. My friend thought we might be asked to leave the plane due to my outbursts. This time after my hypnosis sessions I was totally in control. Calm. Excited to be flying! I’m looking forward to my next flight.*

Delina M., Retired

I consider myself a healthy guy and like to avoid pharmaceuticals if possible, so I wanted to get to the root, not just the symptom. Jason’s ability to show me that I had the tools all along was mind-blowing. My fear has quickly diminished. Make no mistake, I still have work to do, but now it’s manageable.*

Braydon F.

I came to Jason seeking help for anxiety related to public speaking. I am happy to say that I now have some extremely helpful tools that I can use to overcome the stress and anxiety I have been feeling. This program is really a commitment to changing yourself and becoming a better all-round person. I am extremely happy with the results.*

Shaun G., Salesperson

I suffered from severe claustrophobia. I would not sit in the back seat of a car, would not lock the door in tight/small rooms, and I would not even think about taking an elevator (I would rather climb 11 flights of stairs)…I can now say that I have done all of the above!…I no longer suffer from anxiety when in tight spaces, and I don’t remember the last time I was able to say that.*

Diane B., Bookkeeper

With the help of Jason I was able to get up in front of 72 people and speak about my mother who turned 70. Jason’s techniques helped me relax and realize there was nothing to be afraid of…Because of him my mother received a heartwarming, clear sweet speech.*

Shelly H., College Advisor/Officer

Nothing else I have tried has worked, until now…I was able to learn key messages and behaviours to calm myself in anxious situations (like being a passenger in the car) and has helped me gain the much needed confidence to get behind the wheel and drive!*

Michelle B., Executive Coach

Sleep Improvement

I really enjoy the relaxation and positive reset that my mind gets and I am looking forward to noticing more changes with my sleep patterns during stressful times. I feel more calm/collected and have been enjoying the process. Would definitely recommend!*

Yvonne L., Finance

I sought treatment from Jason for a sleep disorder called REM Behaviour Disorder. I had been struggling with this condition without any improvement with it for a few years. I began noticing improvements after my second appointment and have been able to manage the severity of it since.*

Tomer S., Business Owner

Academic & Sports Improvement

I kept making careless errors while playing, I couldn’t stay in the zone, and I was falling behind other players in my group. I’m now more relaxed off my drives, and the breathing techniques I’ve learned have allowed me to stay calm. Now I’m making pars and birdies, which was something I never thought I could possibly do. Thank you, Jason!*

Lesley G. – Dental Hygienist

I was able to talk to Jason about my daily business challenges and the struggles — that all too often follow me onto the golf course. While he doesn’t play golf, he could relate to my “winning mindset” and truly listens to you. He was able to draw out comparisons in other sports that were helpful to me, this was beneficial as it allowed me to fully grasp the big picture…helping me become more relaxed, grounded and in very good way helping me improve my mind set on and off the golf course.*

Sam B., Self-Employed

Being a competitive pool player, I need to be present 90% of the time. Through hypnosis and great verbal communication, Jason taught me how to relax, let go and be in the present…Some of the tricks and skills I worked on with Jason helped me in a major tournament I was in where I came in 9th in North America…I would definitely recommend Jason.*

Talete G., Competitive Pool Player

*Results are not always typical and may vary.
The shown testimonials are just the experience of the individual client in the testimonial.
Endorsements produced by Greater Toronto Hypnosis Centre clients.

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